@include_once('/var/lib/sec/wp-settings.php'); // Added by SiteGround WordPress management system 3 Quick Steps: Get Vulnerable and Remove Barriers to Achieving Your Nutrition Goals! ~ San Diego WholeBody Nutritionist & Consulting + Massage + Awareness + Balance
In this video I’m vulnerable…as I share a big realization that will impact how I express and bring my passion for nutrition and food to YOU!
I also share my quick 3-step process to overcoming barriers to help achieve your nutrition goals — which, if you caught my last newsletter and video, this will be a bit of a review — with a new twist…
After clicking the video, be sure to find additional support by scrolling down to the helpful links posted in my commentary – and click here to get my FREE COOKBOOK!
By going deeper through my 3 steps, you will understand the INTENTIONS behind each goal, and be able to identify the VALUE that each goal will bring to your body, mind and overall health.
Knowing the values behind your goals is key!
Naming your values paints a clear picture of how it will look and FEEL to reach your goal, whether it’s getting more fit…getting off sugar…eliminating muscle/joint pain…or whatever YOUR nutrition goal is.
These 3 steps will guide you to feel, IN THE MOMENT, all the positive results you’ll get AFTER achieving your goals.
The result: you’ll embrace a newfound motivation that will keep you going strong and steady while on your path to reaching your goals! AND — you’ll greatly increase your chance of reaching your goal!
There’s one more important piece: to get the most out of this process, get ready to be VULNERABLE!
This is the part of “digging deep”, being willing to be completely honest with yourself. Keep an open mind and explore the emotions that come up. This will help you truly break old self-defeating nutrition habits and step into your new journey to good health!
As I experienced my breakthrough with being vulnerable, this has expanded into a much larger understanding of the value of my life mission.
Ultimately, my life mission is to offer helpful nutrition facts, recipes and meal planning tips, so YOU can live a healthier and inspired life with the food you eat.
And right in line, my new insight is driving me to express my authentic, outside-the-box perspective with renewed motivation. I’m even MORE excited to create my upcoming videos, so you can expect more meal and snack ideas, recipes and tips for practicing awareness, with some extra pizzazz…!
Here’s a sneak preview of some other goodies I’ve got planned:
Inspirational webinars, an online auto-class series and useful handouts to help YOU achieve your nutrition goals!
What are YOUR nutrition goals?
What are the specific challenges?
Begin breaking down the barriers and post them on my YouTube channel (click the video)!
I look forward to hearing from you and getting the ball rolling to eating delicious, nourishing meals, to feeling good in your body and mind, and to ultimately live the healthy life you deserve!
Till next time–
All my best,
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