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About WholeBody Nutrition


Johnna, in a nutshell

I have been exploring food and cooking since I can remember, and there’s nothing that gives me the greatest joy than planning, preparing and savoring a flavorful meal made from quality, seasonal and local food – other than sharing this experience with others. I see meals and eating not just a time to fuel my body, but an opportunity to explore mealtime as an experience.

Nutrition Beyond Science

While seeking a formal education in nutrition from Bastyr University I learned the science behind the food, which is indeed pertinent and valuable information. But I’ve also learned through all my forms of teachings about food and cooking, that the crux of good nutrition is more than just protein, carbs, fat, and fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Good nutrition partly comes from what you choose to put in your meal; namely selecting the highest quality food appropriate to support your health, while being mindful of the source. The other part comes from the cooking process, and taking in the experience of every bite.

It All Started in the Kitchen…

I have experimented endlessly in my own kitchen since childhood, starting with homemade chocolate peanut-butter cups on the stovetop, and explored many ethnic cuisines during my travels abroad in southeast southeast Asia, New Zealand and the Basque country in Spain and France. I have been fortunate to work in various restaurant kitchens, including an Italian restaurant in Taichung, Taiwan, where I had the pleasure of indulging in (American-) Italian cuisine among the indigenous Ma-Pa (Spicy pan-fried) Tofu and absolutely fresh Hot Pot seafood dinners.

Johnna’s Big Picture

As a certified nutritionist, massage therapist and yoga student, my experience in reaching an ultimate state of health includes balancing wholesome eating habits, as well as engaging in physical activity, practicing awareness in body and mind, and bringing intention to the people and beliefs that support and enrich your daily life; all these treasures create a fulfilling balance in life that make each day a blessing to wake up to.

Discovering the Wonderful World of Food Cultures

This tremendous life experience around different food cultures has greatly deepened my appreciation of how food can enrich life with the beautiful range of sensory pleasures it offers. When cooking with coconut oil I am brought back to the street hawkers in Indonesia, the scent of the hot oil frying up fresh shrimp and vegetable Nasi Goreng (fried rice). When I sauté a mixture of curry spices I can feel the ambiance of Penang, Malaysia rising from my pan, the sizzling sumptuous and rich scent flowing throughout my kitchen. These were invaluable experiences where I gained more knowledge about food and eating from a different angle; I learned the many cultural influences behind food, and how food serves as a source of community and provides great sensory pleasures to be shared with loved ones.

Slow Food

Naturally, I also embrace the Slow Food Movement principles in my professional and personal life, supporting local farmers and sustainable farming methods by purchasing the freshest vegetables, fruits, eggs and raw milks from the Farmers Market when possible, and slowing down to chew, taste and savor my food. You can read about my latest creations or thoughts on food, nutrition and cooking, on Facebook, Twitter or my Blog. I am a big fan of Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan and Sally Fallon.

A Whole View of Health

My holistic perspective towards health, food and nutrition is reflected by my other passion, yoga, and my ongoing curiosity about the body.


Along with my masters degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program at Northwest Yoga in Seattle in April 2009, and am a CMT (certified massage therapist), a graduate of Brenneke School of Massage (now Cortiva) in Seattle, WA.


I also have two additional nutrition certifications, CLT (Certified LEAP Therapist) a specialized food sensitivity training, and RWP (Restorative Wellness Practitioner), a Weston-Price based intensive training on the adrenal/stress response, GI & digestive imbalances, and male/female hormones.


These deepened my understanding and skill set to further investigate the root causes of digestive conditions such as IBS, dysbiosis, heartburn/GERD, and many more. I feel blessed to incorporate all these modalities and trainings into my practice, and to help my clients with all these facets of life.


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