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If you’ve run out of quick snack ideas, I’ve got another great recommendation for you:
BARE brand baked apple chips!
Here’s the best part– they’re 100% fruit, with just one ingredient: APPLES.
No added ingredients or sweeteners. They’re naturally sweet on their own, sliced then baked till they’re crispy-crunchy. It satisfied MY crunchy, sweet snack craving, and I know it will satisfy yours too – without compromising your health.
They’re delicious straight out of the bag or you can mix them with other easy-to-pack snack foods, which I talk about in this short 3-minute video.
Did you see my banana chip snack review a few weeks ago? If you missed it, click here to indulge in one more smart snack to add to your list!
I hope you enjoy the video and the apple chips! I’d love to hear how you like them, and what other foods you enjoy mixing them with, so be sure to connect with me and post on my YouTube channel.
Coming up next week: 
Three things you should NEVER SAY about your food — especially when you’re trying to GET OFF SUGAR! (…or in a heavy binge mode…)
Stay tuned and be sure to keep in touch, I love hearing from you!
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Till next time – have a wonderful week!
Your “Not Quite Paleo” nutritionist
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