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How It Works

Are you ready to find out how to improve your health and feel more energetic while enjoying your meals?

There are three key areas of food and eating which are essential to create a nourishing lifelong plan for your body and mind:

1) Recognizing what foods are nutritious for you
2) Creating a practical meal plan
3) Practicing body awareness

With the ever-changing and conflicting information running rampant in the media, with titles designed to lure the reader with sensationalized promises, such as ‘Lose 10 Pounds in a Week with Top 10 Superfoods’, it’s no wonder confusion and misconception towards food and eating is generated from such articles. Learning which foods are truly nutritious and knowing how to build a wholesome meal from these foods are two basic, and very important steps in creating a strong framework to design your solid weekly meal plan.

Have you ever felt the difference between having a Coke and donut to hold you over during a busy lunch hour versus eating a hearty soup and fresh green salad?

Bringing awareness to the food you eat and how it makes your body feel puts you in touch with what foods your body thrives on, and which foods it doesn’t.

Practicing simple awareness around your eating habits is the foundation to a healthy relationship to food and eating, which will foster a lifelong nourishing way of eating.

Are you ready to live the healthy and vibrant life you have always wanted to?

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