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Is This You?

Is this you?

  • Busy single woman
  • Hard-working professional
  • Exhausted mom
  • Concerned for partner’s health
  • Yo-yo dieter

Do you feel:

  • Tired of ‘quick-fix’ dieting and monitoring your weight
  • Fed up with fluctuating changes in your body, mood and energy
  • Longing to enjoy good food without the guilt
  • Open to exploring body awareness around food
  • Desire to nourish your body and improve your health through food
  • Ready to dedicate time and effort to creating a solid and truly lifelong eating plan
  • Excited to savor delectable dishes that support self-nurture and good nutrition every day

You’ve just come home from a 10-hour work day, and feel completely exhausted.
You’re hungry but can’t be bothered to think about what you want to eat, so you grab the easiest and tasty snack you have – chips and salsa. Still feeling unsatisfied, you dive into your favorite Ben & Jerry’s. You didn’t intend to make a dinner out of it, and you know you’re going to feel the repercussions in the morning, if not sooner.

Your digestion has been causing you havoc, and suspect you have food allergies.
You started noticing a pattern of stomach upset, gas and foggy head every time after your favorite lunch – a mouth-watering turkey with havarti on sourdough bread. You’re struggling with facing the possibility of restricting your favorite foods, but can’t stand to live the distressing and embarrassing consequences any more.

You’ve been going to Weight Watcher’s and after several weeks of sticking to their number system of counting food points, your birthday rolls around.
In order to stay within the rules, you don’t eat most of the day and indulge in cake and beer. Even though you successfully stayed within the point system, you are well aware you really ‘cheated’, and are left feeling overstuffed, bloated and wrecked with guilt.

After running errands all day it’s time to pick up the kids.
You realize they have to go to soccer practice in two hours and all you have to eat is microwave popcorn and mac & cheese. You wonder how this has happened again, and feel frustrated not being able to keep track of the kids’ schedule. You are disappointed in yourself, and know you must be more responsible about providing nourishing meals for you and your family.

Both you and your partner have been stuck in a rut eating pizza and frozen dinners..
Both of you have been wanting to change to healthier meals, and despite your partner being diagnosed with high cholesterol, ironically you are more motivated to make a change than he is. You feel frustrated and concerned that your partner has been unable to act on changing. You realize he must have additional support outside your seemingly helpful nudges to get away from his routine.

Your demanding job has you traveling a few times a month which makes any healthful routine a challenge.
Your eating habits tend to fluctuate between travel time and adjusting to different time zones, and while attending all-day meetings at your destinations. You feel sluggish most days and drink lattes to keep from running out of steam. Constantly on the go, you are starting to feel the effects by getting sick more and more frequently. You wonder if it’s possible to have any consistent eating plan, but know if you don’t do something your health will continue to go downhill.

“Johnna is passionate and creative with food. I’m starting a short-term restricted diet that eliminates most of the foods I eat every day so I needed serious help. Johnna was bursting with ideas, recipes, and substitutions, and now I feel that I’ll be able to make it through this crazy adventure. THANK YOU!!!”

Jesica Abella

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