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“Johnna introduced me to intuitive eating and the fullness discovery scale, which addressed my history with emotional eating. Simultaneously, Johnna taught me to eat large breakfasts (about 450 calories!) This is a huge departure from my normal morning routine. She gave me tips for staying healthy during a cruise vacation, where the temptation to over indulge is enormous.

Five months later, I’ve lost 14 pounds and hope to continue my decline at a healthy pace, which is only ½ pound per week. It’s great to work with a nutritionist who can tackle emotional eating with her ‘no need to diet’ approach to weight loss. I can’t tell you how cool it is to lose inches without feeling deprived. I definitely recommend Johnna’s approach to WholeBody Nutrition.’

Rosalind Sciammas

Seattle, WA

“I highly recommend Johnna’s 5 week restart program.I always thought I know quite a bit about nutrition but Johnna is just AMAZING. She is up to date with evidence based research. She sends you all these great, short videos and interesting materials online. You have video chats with her and the group from the comfort of your home. You can ask her anything about nutrition and she presents quick answers and facts. I gained muscle. I’m almost 40 and look AND feel better than I ever did!Thank you Johanna!!!”

Tanja B.

San Diego

I worked with Johnna for about 4 months on helping heal my gut as well as find a solution for my chronic case of eczema that I have battled with for over 25 years.
Johnna recommended for me to do the MRT / Leap test plus another test (forgot the name) to test if I have/ how much bacteria, yeast, parasites, etc etc of my gut. When we got the results back Johnna put together a natural herbal protocol for me to follow as well as a guide onto what foods I can/ cannot eat. And it worked- cutting out the foods that the MRT test showed I am sensitive to completely cleared my eczema!

Johnna was always readily available, answered all my emails and questions quickly and throughly, and really just made me feel so comfortable talking to her and making this lifestyle change. She was also so encouraging of the progress I was making (cutting out some favorite foods is tough), and had great recipes and ideas for me for the foods I could eat.

I am a healthy, young, active person so I did not have many health issues to address, but I am confident that with Johnna’s knowledge and passion for holistic health she can help many peoples’ ailments out!

Jasmine B.

San Diego

My husband and I hired Johnna to help us learn more about nutrition and menu planning while she was still living in Seattle.

Johnna is extremely knowledgeable and caring. My husband in particular found her to be most helpful in regards to moving in a healthy path, armed with ideas and recipes. Thank you, Johnna!

Lisa P.

Seattle, WA

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