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AUTO ONLINE class: Coming soon!

Does sugar have its hooks in you? Put an end to your sugar cravings and get control over your health – start the fall & pre-holiday season with more energy and motivation to start making some positive changes in your eating habits & overall health!

Take your first step now.

Learn the basics of sugar and walk away knowing which foods help reduce those addictive sugar cravings, headaches, inflammation, bodily pain and many other symptoms.

I will also cover the basics about my real food-based 5-week Restart® sugar detox program, stay tuned for details. Bring your questions!

Get started now and begin your journey to feeling alive and radiant with my Sugar Be Gone class!

Included in the class:

  • 2-page pdf fill-in handout: Effects of Sugar on Your Body
  • Handout: 8 Common Foods with Hidden Sugars & 8 Healthy Food Alternatives
  • Handout: Hidden Sugars in Common Beverages
  • Overview: which foods cause sugar burnout vs support healthy energy
  • Preview of the 5-week Restart sugar detox workshop
  • Q & A – on sugar addiction, recipes, snack & meal ideas…and more!

Some benefits from getting off sugar:

  • Avoid sugar cravings
  • Prevent emotional fluctuations
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Feel more energy!

What you’ll learn:

  • What are the recommended guidelines?
  • How much does the average American consume?
  • Which foods have hidden sugar?
  • Which foods help you get over your sugar addiction?
  • Light snack & beverage samples included! (only at in-person/San Diego classes)

Cost: $30

Invest in changing your addiction to sugar – empower yourself to choose to eat food that heals and supports you!

Yes I want to stop my sugar cravings!

Join us – get educated, leave inspired! 

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